Peterborough-Kawartha needs strong leadership. We need more than words and promises. We need action that is based on facts and information that is collected through consultation with our local community members.

Leaders must be available to their community. Leaders listen and leaders respect that there are differing opinions that deserve a voice. Leaders are inclusive, not exclusive, and they keep the door open in order that all members of a community can contribute.


Once a decision has been made, leaders are those who serve as the catalyst to enable projects to proceed until completion.

Leaders do not create silos, nor do they pass the buck. Leaders are accountable and responsible to the people who elected them. Do you agree?

As a community volunteer and a businessman, I know what it takes to get the job done.

While building my businesses, I learned every aspect of operations, even the janitorial work that nobody else wanted to do. Spending an extra hour to see a project move forward, working the phones to find the right people to take on a job, building relationships and trust; all of these elements lead to success and that’s what Peterborough-Kawartha needs.

Peterborough-Kawartha needs strong leadership on a number fronts. What is your top priority?

We’ve waited decades for passenger rail service. We’ve had enough studies. We don’t need to spend more on yet another “assessment.” We need to be bringing the partners together to actually get the job done.

Affordable housing is another major issue, and our Conservative platform has a plan that will put stable funding in place to get homes built. We do not need to be playing numbers games and making endless announcements that lead nowhere.

Solutions to the devastating opioid crisis are in front of us, but we need to all work together across partisan lines and political levels, in conjunction with our community leaders to ensure that this epidemic is tackled.  We must stop the flow of opioids into our country and into our community.

We need to create jobs and encourage investment. As your MP, I will work to help fund Trent University’s Clean Tech Commons and its proposed accelerator. We have all of the intellectual horsepower and experience to build one of the best clean technology research and development centers in the country. The Clean Tech Commons will create good paying jobs and be a very strong draw to other companies looking to set up operations in an environment where we are building equipment, processes and procedures that are in demand around the world.

As your MP for Peterborough-Kawartha, I will continue to take a leadership role in supporting job creation measures and to actually address our community’s most pressing concerns. That’s why I am running for election on October 21.

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