Conservatives Cut Red Tape

Our Conservative Party has cut unnecessary red tape so that small businesses and entrepreneurs can spend more time serving Canadian consumers and less time on checking bureaucratic boxes. 

We have saved Canadian businesses over $32 million in administrative burden each year, as well as 750,000 hours in time spent dealing with red tape, all while maintaining high standards for safety and protection.

A re-elected Conservative government will further cut the red tape burden by 20 percent. We will work to better harmonize our child car seat regulations with those of the United States to provide more choice and better prices to Canadian consumers. We will simplify the calculation of home office expense deductions to save taxpayers time and money when filing their taxes.

This adds up to real help for small businesses and consumers.

Justin thinks budgets balance themselves, but small business owners know otherwise. Thomas Mulcair’s plan to hike taxes and pile on debt will create economic chaos, putting Canadian workers and small business at risk.