Our environment and how we take environmental action are important election issues…

One of my biggest strengths, and one of the biggest issues raised by the thousands of people I’ve spoken with, is our environment. In recent years Peterborough has endured major floods. Manufacturing has left a legacy of pollution on our landscape. Clean water is not so clean anymore, and we need to take action. I’m interested in what you think is our most pressing environmental issue?

Personally, I have a young family and do not want to leave a mess for them. Professionally I’ve been engaged in several business ventures developing clean technologies. While I was the President and CEO of the Innovation Cluster, we added in the specific focus of CleanTech for Entrepreneurs. Fact is that, when we create successful companies that provide solutions to environmental issues, we are also creating jobs! Over my term with the Innovation Cluster we were able to help entrepreneurs create just under 400 jobs within 119 companies in just three and a half years. 

We launched the CleanTech Makerspace at Trent University as well as a Water MakerSpace in the Venture North building to help create and nurture innovative clean technology companies focused on water technology, wastewater treatment, biomaterials, agri-food, energy and so much more.

At the Trent University CleanTech Commons, shovels are ready to go in the ground to build 85 acres of research, development and innovation that will, by itself, bring in hundreds of good paying jobs and attract other business and industry to locate in Peterborough.

Our Conservative Environment Plan has what is needed to ensure that both the Innovation Cluster as well as the CleanTech Commons are successful by providing the right environment to grow clean technology jobs.  You can find the four pillars of our plan at https://arealplan.ca/ARealPlan.pdf  including a reduced corporate tax for CleanTech Companies and access to Capital and Investment. What do you think? Are we on the right track?

In contrast, the Trudeau government is imposing a carbon tax that takes money out of your pocket and then returns a portion of it to households.

But did you know that the carbon tax is not refunded to businesses that are paying the extra 5 cents per litre of fuel needed to get products or services to market? Nor is small business eligible to recover the increased costs of heating, electricity and other essential services.  Do you think those increased costs will mean higher prices for consumers?

As your MP for Peterborough-Kawartha, I will bring to Ottawa my proven performance, I will deliver results.  This will include opposing more taxes on the people of Peterborough-Kawartha. Do you think we pay too many taxes? Do you believe taxing people will lead to lower carbon emissions?

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