Elect Michael Skinner 2019 Conservative Candidate for Peterborough - Kawarthas


Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC) is a cornerstone of our local healthcare services. As a previous volunteer fundraiser for PRHC, I am keenly aware of how every precious dollar of funding can mean a world difference to the people who need emergency or critical care services.

We need our hospitals running efficiently and compassionately, and Federal Healthcare funding transferred to Provincial Ministries of Health must be at levels that will ensure our hospitals can meet the needs of patients.

That’s why I am pleased to let all of you know that Peterborough Region and all Canadians can count on stable and predictable health and social program funding through the Conservative Healthcare Guarantee.

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An informed vote is a meaningful vote, and that is the intent of this newsletter.  We will have a weekly publications leading up to the fall Federal Election October 21, 2019.  

You, as a voter need to know who you are voting for and that your interests are reflected by the candidate of YOUR choice.  To date, we have knocked on more than 22,000 doors and have spoken to over 15,000 people. I would like you to know who I am, and I want you to know that I am here to listen to you on important issues like our environment. If you find this newsletter helpful, feel free to share it with family, friends and co-workers. 



Our environment and how we take environmental action are important election issues…

One of my biggest strengths, and one of the biggest issues raised by the thousands of people I’ve spoken with, is our environment. In recent years Peterborough has endured major floods. Manufacturing has left a legacy of pollution on our landscape. Clean water is not so clean anymore, and we need to take action. I’m interested in what you think is our most pressing environmental issue?

Personally, I have a young family and do not want to leave a mess for them. Professionally I’ve been engaged in several business ventures developing clean technologies. While I was the President and CEO of the Innovation Cluster, we added in the specific focus of CleanTech for Entrepreneurs. Fact is that, when we create successful companies that provide solutions to environmental issues, we are also creating jobs! Over my term with the Innovation Cluster we were able to help entrepreneurs create just under 400 jobs within 119 companies in just three and a half years. 

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