Support For Canadian Seniors

Our Conservative Party will introduce new support for single and widowed seniors in Canada. 

A re-elected Conservative government will introduce a $2,000 Single Seniors Tax Credit that will extend additional tax relief to nearly 1.6 million single and widowed seniors in Canada who have pension income. When combined with the existing Pension Income Credit that is claimed by 4.6 million seniors already, this measure will allow single and widowed seniors to receive up to $600 in tax relief every year. 

We know that single seniors can face unique financial challenges, especially the recently widowed and those on fixed incomes. This new tax credit will provide a targeted benefit to those seniors. 

The Liberals and NDP have made big promises – unaffordable promises that they would need to pay for with higher taxes. Based on their records to date of opposing Harper Government initiatives to help older Canadians, seniors should worry about whether the NDP and Liberals would actually keep the promises they are making.

Canadian seniors can be confident that a Conservative government will deliver on its promises to older Canadians, because we have a proven record and a plan to support seniors. We have kept taxes low and worked to keep money in the hands of seniors to spend on the priorities they choose.